Raffles Will Always be Singapores No 1 Hotel

Raffles Will Always be Singapores No 1 Hotel

Posted 2014-03-23 by Helsfollow
Red carpet treatment on arrival

Raffles has been leading the way when it comes to 'staying in style' effortlessly for years. I hope it remains out front in the future, setting a standard for other hotels to aspire to.

When you alight outside the portico at Raffles' entrance and walk up the red carpet you know you're in for a treat.

The lobby is dazzling

As you step into the cool white marble interior of the lobby, a grandeur of yesteryear surrounds you and you wonder if you're on a film set of an EM Forster novel.

It looks magnificent when its all lit up

The white stucco exterior is shown off to its best at night, when it is beautifully lit in a golden glow.

Our outdoor area looked out over the grounds

Our room had a generous outside area where we could take tea or sip on a G&T!

Our suite was the size of an entire apartment

When we went into our suite we entered a parlour area, complete with sitting room and separate dining area!

The ceiling height, polished boards, fabulous long velvet curtains and leaded windows all gave the feel of a colonial apartment from 100 years ago.

Our bedroom was vast, with two super comfy king size beds, and gorgeous old heavy set furniture.

I could happily have lived there, not just stayed 3 nights.

The worlds comfiest beds

We had our own butler, (comes as a standard feature) who at the press of a button in the morning, arrived at our door with freshly brewed tea, as tho she'd been waiting for our call.

Even if you only do it once in your lifetime, I think a stay at Raffles is a must.

!Map (1 Beach Rd, Singapore 189673)


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