Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Posted 2014-03-23 by Helsfollow
It has a very impressive exterior

The Luxor Hotel on 'the strip' (as the main drag of Las Vegas is known), makes staying in Vegas affordable.

As soon as we stepped inside however we found the smell of cigarette smoke and vanilla room freshener a little overpowering, and for some people would be reason enough not to stay!

It is quite literally a pyramid, on a colossal scale

From an architectural point of view, building a hotel in the shape of a pyramid has got to present some problems! The external walls of the rooms are all on an angle, sloping in - and travelling up and down in the lift at an angle made me feel quite unwell!!

looking across from level 40 at the corridors on the other side of the pyramid

Anyone with a fear of heights would struggle with getting around The Luxor - as the corridors that lead to the rooms are open and look down into the interior of the hotel lobby.

the rooms have two beds

It was a long walk from the lifts to the room (there are only two lifts per floor, on either side of the pyramid) so again, you need to be fit and mobile to cope with a stay here. And I'm not sure why a double room needs two beds, but we found that to be the case in a number of Vegas hotels we stayed in.

the Luxor is definitely at the budget end of Vegas' accommodation but if you just want to use it as a base and then go out for the day/night, then it is ideal.

!Map (3900 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas NV 89119)


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