Dogs Trust Welcome Cottages

Dogs Trust Welcome Cottages

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So you want to go on holiday, but have a dog. Since a lot of places do not allow pets, usually you have three choices:

1. Leave your dog with family - a burden on your relatives.
2. Leave your dog at a kennel - no one likes to do that.
3. Stay at home - bye bye holiday.

There are holidays you can book, however, that allow dogs, and most often these are self-catering, where you rent a holiday home for your stay. If you are planning your holiday anywhere in the UK, Ireland, or France, then I would suggest booking a Welcome Cottage from Dogs' Trust.

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Dogs' Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. They take in thousands of rescue dogs, and pledge never to put a healthy dog down.

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In 2003, Dogs' Trust teamed up with Welcome Cottages , and provides access to thousands of self catering cottages where pets get to go for free. As part of the partnership, Welcome Cottages donates 10% of every booking to Dogs' Trust. So far, over £580,000 has been raised.

Overall it is a win-win situation. You get your holiday, your dog gets to come along for free, and you will be helping other dogs in need of a loving home. You can search over five thousand cottages, with prices ranging from £76 - £4375 depending on location, length of stay, size of cottage, and number of pets.


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